ACEAIR – photocatalytic table lamp and air purifier

With our unique material CERASTRUCT, we have combined technology and beauty. The original design lighting fixture will enliven any interior and the functional photocatalytic layer applied on its foam ceramic structure effectively purifies the air.

Air purification capability

Design element

Light control (LED)


Adjustable fan

Air purification with ACEAIR lighting fixture

The photocatalytic table air purifier has been developed to combine an active photocatalytic layer applied to the surface of foam ceramics and an attractive open-pore ceramic design. This device can provide degradation of dangerous chemicals in interiors (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, hexane, NOx, etc.) and unpleasant odours.

The volatile organic compounds (VOC) can be commonly found at low concentrations in rooms and offices since they come from furniture, plastics, carpets, etc. They may affect human health. Therefore, their concentration is advisable to be minimized. ACEAIR can be used in smaller or medium-sized rooms, up to approx. 25 m3. When the UV light is switched on by a controller, the harmful substance content in the room is significantly reduced. The process also eliminates different microorganisms, e.g., fungal spores, yeast, bacteria, and viruses.

A stylish accessory for modern interiors

In addition to its active air purifying function, the ACEAIR table lamp also has the function of a design element with a pleasant appearance of the light passing through the ceramics structure. The lamp is made of natural materials such as a stylish hardwood base and a pure corundum ceramic lampshade.

12 × 0,4 W


6 × 1,1 W


30 × 20 × 20 cm


Application of photocatalytic layer on open-structure ceramics

The foam ceramic has an open 3D structure with a large specific surface. When applying a photocatalytic layer to this surface, much greater efficiency is achieved than for a flat surface. TiO2 is spray applied and thermally fixed to the foam ceramics surface to form an active nanoparticle film.

The photocatalytic process is initialized when ceramic is illuminated with UV radiation of a suitable wavelength (365 nm). The huge number of radicals produced attack the bonds within organic molecules of substances near the surface and degrade them to the final harmless products – CO2 a H2O.

Compared to flat surfaces, foam ceramics provide much more activity. The foam-ceramic structure with an active layer is a highly effective tool for interior and exterior applications with sufficient resistance to abrasion and external environmental influences. The determination of pollutant degradation has been verified by a series of standardized tests according to ISO 22197 (degradation of NOx, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and toluene).

Photocatalysis principle

The photocatalysis is a phenomenon involving a wide range of chemical reactions associated with catalysis, charge transitions, and ion formation. The basic reaction is usually oxidation.

The catalyst is often a semiconductor (TiO2) where an electron is able to jump from the valence band to the conduction band using the activation by incident UVA photons.

The electron-hole pair is formed followed by the formation of hydroxyl- and peroxyl radicals (OH/O2-), which cause oxidation reactions and decomposition of compounds. In the case of TiO2 nanolayer, UVA radiation with a wavelength of 365 nm represents the appropriate radiation type.

Where the photocatalysis is effective

The radicals are able to decompose dangerous substances in the air as well as in water. The photocatalytic oxidation is a promising way to effectively eliminate pollutants in the environment (nitrogen oxides NOx), various phenolic substances, etc.

NOX, SOX, CO, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, garbage odour, ammonia, chloroform, gas pipeline, oil products, rain, soot, self-cleaning, anti-fogging function, bacteria, fungi, algae, pests, organic chlorine, starch, dyes, etc.

ACEAIR prototype for an introductory price

We are finishing the production of the first 70 prototype pieces, which are now undergoing testing and certification. Do you want to be among the first to whom ACEAIR will clean the air and beautify the interior? Contact us:


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