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Websites use cookies to make them work optimally. The most common use of cookies is language setting, user authentication, but also other features that distinguish users and maintain the context of the display content. We use both short and long-term cookies. A cookie is automatically deleted at any of these times: when the user logs off, when the user closes his browser, when it expires. Using a cookie is safe. The same is done by most large websites and providers. Since cookies are stored directly in your browser, we can not dispose them or pass it onto third parties.

Advertising and Statistics

Websites can use cookies of Google, Seznam and Facebook company for mainly analytical and advertising purposes such as interest-based advertising (behavioral advertising) and personalization of content.


The basic information on how Google uses cookies can be found here.

Learn more about how Google uses data when using sites or apps, and blocking the sending of statistics, here.

More information about how Google uses cookies for advertising purposes and opting out of interest-based ads can be found here.

In the Google Analytics analytics tool, we process cookie-related user data and events, user IDs (e.g., User ID) and ad group identifiers (e.g. DoubleClick cookies, Android advertising ID, or Advertiser ID on Apple devices). This data does not allow your person to be identified. This data is stored in Google Analytics for up to 50 months, afterwards, the data is automatically deleted. When you re-visit the site, the cookie (if not disabled) resumes and the time starts counting from the beginning.

We do not send any data to Google Analytics which would identify your person. Sending data such as your address, name, e-mail, telephone number, or other unique identifier to identify your identity is strictly prohibited under the terms of Google Analytics. Follow best practices to prevent sending data that can identify you. You can read these steps here.


The information about using cookie by Seznam and the advertising system Sklik can be found here, even with the option to unsubscribe.


The information about using cookie by Facebook and the advertising system FBAds can be found here.Detailed information about using cookies by Facebook can be found here.

Mobile apps

Cookies work differently on mobile apps as they are encoded in the apps themselves, and they use a unique identifier created by your mobile device to use advertising activities. You can disable or reset this ad ID through your mobile device’s privacy settings.

Managing cookies and opting out?

Multiple companies’ cookies can be managed on the American site or on the European side Your Online Choices.

How to completely block a cookie?

f you do not wish to use cookies, you can block them in your browser settings. You can also set the browser to notify you of every new cookie location on your computer or other device.

Here’s how to use the most commonly used browsers. For more information about managing cookies, use the help section of your web browser.

  • Chrome Cookie Settings
  • Cookies settings in Firefox
  • Cookies settings in Internet Explorer
  • Safari cookie settings
  • Cookie settings in Flash Player

Agree to use cookies on our site

By using our website (by viewing, clicking, navigating, scrolling content), you agree to our use of the cookie.

Please note that disabling cookies may not work properly on the web site.

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