Photocatalytic air purification

A combination of extraordinary properties of ceramics and air

It is of natural origin, light, resilient, stable in shape and colour and has an almost unlimited lifespan.

The basis of the CERASTRUCT material is ceramics. Its qualities and resilience were verified by thousands of generations ahead of us. We have given it the air and structure, and our passion for foam ceramics was born.

We have discovered hundreds of uses – for interiors and exteriors, in small dimensions and on large areas, from the facade to the table lamp, always custom-made precisely to the requirements.

Large functional specific surface

Decomposition of volatile substances from furniture, carpets or plastics using sprayed photocatalytic coating

Removal of unpleasant organic odours

Acceleration of the decomposition of undesirable substances using UV light

ACEAIR material is certified to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air.